Synchronizing Outlook Calendar with Odoo

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Synchronizing Outlook Calendar With Odoo

Synchronizing Outlook Calendar with Odoo is useful to keep track of all tasks and appointments, and meetings.

First You have to register your application with Microsoft.

Microsoft Account Configuration-:

To sync Outlook Calendar with Odoo’s Calendar, a Microsoft Azure account is needed, The Account creation for users is free so you have to configure a Azure account.

Go to the Azure Active Directory-:

Go to the App Registration -:

You have to click on New Registration there you have to configure Name , Supported Account Type and then click on “Register” Button.

Here You will get your client id.

Go to The Authentication -:

Here you can configure Redirect URI.

Go to the Certificates and secrets -:

Here you can create your secret key by clicking on “New Client Secret” button.

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