Simplifying E-commerce Operations with an Order Management System

Simplifying E-commerce Operations with an Order Management System

The success of an e-commerce business depends on its customers. Businesses require an efficient and flexible order management software that enables them to meet modern buyer expectations and increase customer retention. An efficient order management system tracks orders from inception to delivery manages orders and data as it moves through its life cycle. It tracks the order and provides real-time visibility into orders from all channels. Let’s explore how an order management system simplifies e-commerce operations.

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Key Features of an Order Management System

Order Management System

Inventory Management:

Order Management system (OMS) is a critical component for e-commerce businesses. It enables business managers to provide better service to their customers. OMS enables managers to stay abreast of the latest inventories, stock-ins, and stock-out. Using an efficient OMS enables businesses to stay updated about the products available in the inventory. In addition, store managers can reserve the products added to the customer’s shopping carts.

Product Bundling:

Product bundling is an essential feature of an order management systems that makes inventory management convenient. It enables business managers to link products together to make sets, without the requirement of creating an all-new product category.

Shipping Services Integration:

Business managers can use efficient order management software to integrate shipping services to ensure customers get a plethora of shipping carriers to choose from. In addition, integrating an order management system with shipping tracking software enables store managers and customers to check the online status of the parcels in transit.

Product Merging:

Product Merging enables business managers to efficiently synchronize inventory for a product in several marketplaces. Merging products will enable store managers to track the stock of products using one number.

Centralized Order Management:

The order management system will enable business managers to efficiently manager orders coming from multiple sales channels within one interface. To ensure timely order processing, an order management software includes real-time order notifications and order status updates for customers.

Efficient Customer Relationship Management:

An efficient order management software gives business managers complete access to the history of their customers at any time. It enables store managers to answer customer queries related to products, orders and delivery status in real-time.

Streamlining E-commerce Operations with an Order Management System

Syncing Inventory Management with OMS for Seamless Business Transactions:

The ultimate aim of any business is to improve sales and increase customer retention. But, if the back-end of a business is not efficient enough, store mangers may miss on potential customers. Besides this, unsynced inventory can create problems because it is difficult to manage orders that are refunded due to product shortage. Syncing inventory with an order management solution will ensure orders are fulfilled according to business requirements.

For instance, if a brick-and-click retailer sells an appliance that is not available in the online store, the OMS inventory feature will enable the supplier to connect post-sale data. The retailer’s website will also be updated regarding the availability of products.

Efficient Marketing and Promotion:

The order management system enables sales representatives to understand customers and their choices in a better way. An efficient order management software enables Sales representatives to have access to detailed order histories. In addition, detailed customer data enables managers to make informed decisions when providing offers and promotions to clients. OMS is an essential component for businesses that are dealing with various storefronts.

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We are a leading ERP development company in India offers a wide range of ERP software development services to help you grow your business exponentially.

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ERP Solutions oodles

ERP Solutions oodles

We are a leading ERP development company in India offers a wide range of ERP software development services to help you grow your business exponentially.

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