Saving Files To System in Spring Boot

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2 min readFeb 1, 2024

This article will teach us how to use Spring Boot and REST to upload and download files, including PDFs, zip files, and photos. Examples of uploading and downloading both single and multiple files will be provided by the implementation. During the upload process, we will be presented with the option to store the file in the database or on the local file system using the Spring framework’s resource. For this little tutorial, PostgreSQL will be used.

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Prerequisite Requirements :

1: Build an application with Spring Boot and incorporate the Spring Web services;

2: Add the necessary dependencies (PostgreSQL, JPA, etc.).

Step 3: Make a Spring @Controller instance;

4:-Create a @Service class and write the logic for both file uploading and file retrieval there.

5:- Include a method in the controller class that accepts an argument representing Spring’s MultipartFile;

6:- Save the file that was uploaded to a local directory; and

7: Ensure that the client receives a response code verifying the successful upload of the Spring file.

The steps we should Follow :-

1: We must first decide where in our system we wish to store the files that we upload. This is defined in the file.

2: After that, we must construct an entity class using the following:

3: After that, we expanded the JpaRepository by creating a repository interface. This provides us with a range of common techniques for CRUD actions that we can apply to our Document entities.

4: We need to develop two methods in the service class: one for uploading images to the local system and storing the picture name in a database, and another for retrieving images based just on their names.

5:-Create the controller class now, calling the two methods from the controller in the manner as follows:-

You can upload and download files from your local system in this manner.

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