QuickBooks Online Integration With Odoo

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2 min readOct 25, 2023

An Overview of QuickBooks Online

One business solution that we can use to handle accounting and finance is Quickbooks online. QuickBooks is a user-friendly program designed for small enterprises. The user may report a file, send an invoice to GST, and handle accounting with ease.

In essence, this occurs when a user wishes to transfer data, such as a chart of accounts, taxes, items, customers, vendors, sale orders, invoices, etc., from QuickBooks Online to Odoo.

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This is how to begin:

1. Creating an account on developer.intuit.com

2. Create your application and obtain the client secret and client ID for apis.

3. Establish the sandbox business

4. Use the APIs in accordance with the guidelines.

First, we need to sign up for a QuickBooks Online developer account. The app must then be developed in order to obtain the client secret and ID. You can now include the redirect URLs for the API responses you wish to receive back.

We have to build the model in Odoo to access the QuickBooks APIs and do authentication.

Here, we need to input the QuickBooks Online client ID and client secret along with the redirect URL that needs to be added to the QuickBooks account.

A message stating “Connection established successfully” will be sent if the connection is established successfully. Following that, the user can use APIs to retrieve the data from QuickBooks Online.

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Fetch Data list:

1. Charts of Accounts

2. Taxes

3. Items

4. Customers

5. Vendors

6. Sale order

7. Purchase Order

8. Journal entry

9. Customers Bills

10. Vendor Bills

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