Pros and Cons of Web Development Frameworks

Pros and Cons of Web Development Frameworks

A framework is a tool used by developers and programmers to create websites, apps, etc. Frameworks provide a base for the collection of hard coding, which involves pre-built functions and provides a good UI which helps in easy to understand and implement. It allows them to work efficiently and with better quality.


  • Efficiency — Framework helps to work efficiently, it provides ease of access to hundreds of lines of code in a very short time because it has pre-built functions.
  • Security — It has high security because of extensive use of framework. If found any issue related to its application, you can contact its developer to resolve the issue.
  • Expense — As it helps the developer to write code faster that’s why the expense will be low.
  • Support — Generally the frameworks provide many documentation and support systems which helps the developer to get the quick response.
  • Reduces code length — With the help of this tool, the developers no need to write longer lines of code which results less time efforts


You are learning the framework not the language — Due to the high dependency on framework, you cannot put your code in existing code or functionality. This reduces the skills of developers or limits their knowledge.

  • Restrictions — Though it helps the developers to code faster still some functionality and usability is restricted to modify.
  • Code is public — Since it has the same codes over many functionality, many developers may know the flow of code, so it is an issue of concern.
  • Inflexible programming strategies — Even though it provides many benefits but it restricts its customization.
  • Hampers website load time — Due to predefined codes and functions of framework, it is irrelevant to make even a simple web page or app.

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