Pros and Cons of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web app: -

A progressive web app is a website that is much similar to the Native apps. It is a type of application that is run on any browser. We can run this type of application on Android and IOS platforms. This type of application is basically built with the help of some technology like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Benefits of the Progressive web app: -

Disadvantage of the Progressive web app: -

Why should you build a Progressive Web App?

Components of a PWA: -

It is a technology that is used for push notifications and resource caching.

App manifest file is to define the resources that include the theme, icons, our app’s displayed name, background color, and other necessary details that transform the website into an app-like format. These things are controlled by the JSON file.

The progressive web app works on the technology of HTTPS.

Conclusion -

Progressive web apps are a significant step forward in the application development segment. Mobile applications and websites both contribute significantly towards enhancing customer experience and reliability.

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