Oodles ERP Partners With Timefold To Offer Enhanced Solutions For Planning Optimization

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3 min readNov 9, 2023


In the current dynamic and fast-paced world of technology, strategic alliances are becoming a key driver of innovation and advancement. At Oodles, we’re dedicated to using open-source technology to achieve our mission of enabling mainstream ERP accessibility for everyone. Timefold is an AI-based platform for advanced planning optimization, and we are excited to announce a strategic agreement with them in an effort to improve our ERP services and provide our customers with the most value possible. This partnership creates a wealth of opportunities for our stakeholders and clients, and it represents a major turning point for the business.

Through this collaboration, we are now one of Timefold’s official implementation partners — the only one in the Asia-Pacific region. Through the agreement, Timefold and Oodles ERP stand to gain new opportunities and be able to significantly impact the planning optimization space with AI-based business solutions.

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More About The Partnership

Our joint goal with Timefold to enable universal access to AI-driven planning optimization is demonstrated by this collaboration. It will open up a plethora of potential for Timefold and Oodles ERP, enabling us to lead innovation and provide clients and end users with the most value possible. In addition, the partnership would enable us both to have a big influence that would eventually affect stakeholders, partners, companies, and customers all around the world. More significantly, this would enable us to enable businesses from various industries to optimize their daily operations through planning and optimization.

About Timefold

Timefold.ai is a fork of OptaPlanner, an embeddable planning engine and AI-based constraint solver that helps businesses tackle challenging optimization issues. In association with numerous other industry professionals, the OptaPlanner team unveiled a comparable open-source software platform. With the help of the platform, developers may create scalable enterprise planning solutions that enhance scheduling and business processes. Although OptaPlanner makes Java programming easier, it also supports Python and Kotlin. Timefold uses sophisticated heuristics and metaheuristics to automate planning and optimization-related real-world issues.

Timefold and Oodles ERP: This Partnership’s Main Goals

The main goals of Timefold and Oodles ERP’s strategic collaboration are listed below.

Innovation and Research: The goal of our collaboration is to promote an innovative and research-oriented culture. We can break new ground and create innovative solutions that meet our clients’ ever-evolving needs by fusing our experience with Timefold’s planning models.

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Improved Product Offerings: We can grow and improve our value offerings as a result of this cooperation. This translates into a wider choice of services and solutions, giving our clients even more value.

Global Presence: Timefold’s market presence and wide-ranging global reach give us the chance to grow our business and attract more clients globally.

Streamlined Operations: We are able to respond more quickly and efficiently to market demands thanks to the partnership, which helps us optimize and streamline our internal operations.

Customer-Centric Approach: By working together, we can make sure that we pay attention to the needs of our customers and provide creative solutions in response.Global Presence: Timefold’s market presence and wide-ranging global reach give us the chance to grow our business and attract more clients globally.

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Final Thoughts

Our journey towards innovation, growth, and customer satisfaction has reached a significant milestone with our strategic partnership with Timefold. This partnership is about building a better future for our stakeholders and clients, not just about business. When combined, Timefold and Oodles ERP are prepared to take on the demands of the digital era, setting the standard for creativity, dependability, and a customer-focused mindset. As we set out on this thrilling journey, keep an eye out for how our partnership develops and opens up new doors for everyone. Please contact us at erp@oodles.io to learn more about our Timefold and OptaPlanner application development services.



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