Odoo Manufacturing Module Implementation: Food & Beverage Industry

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Odoo Manufacturing Module Implementation: Food & Beverage Industry

A typical manufacturing organization handles several batches of raw materials and finished goods with planning, communication, and quality checks at every stage. An ERP solution enables efficient management of all manufacturing processes to ensure productivity and high-quality output. Odoo is an open-source ERP software that provides features to effectively manage processes with its manufacturing module. With the Odoo Manufacturing module implementation, end-users can manage complex production processes, plan orders, manage bills of materials, and track orders with ease.

An ideal implementation of Odoo Manufacturing is in food and beverage production. It shortens and streamlines all processes with timely insights. Whether it’s about dealing with food distributors or reducing the inventory costs, Odoo’s manufacturing module adds value at every stage.

Features of Odoo Manufacturing Module


The implementation of Odoo Manufacturing enables manufacturers to access critical insights with a few clicks. It enables factory managers to monitor the following processes in real-time.

  • Manufacturing Orders: Manufacturers can easily route raw materials to manual assembly or automatic assembly lines
  • Repair Orders: Manufacturers can manage the repair of items under warranty


Odoo Manufacturing is effective at conducting quality checks for purchased materials before production. It augments the efforts of manufacturers to reduce quality issues by enabling the following options.

  1. Quality Alerts: Manufacturers can organize workflows using Kanban view of quality alerts
  2. Control Points: Quality checks are triggered automatically as per configuration
  3. Quality Checks: Manufacturers can manage and track the production part approval process (PPAP) submissions. Odoo manufacturing module can configure statistical process control (SPC) of businesses

Schedule and Plan:

Odoo manufacturing module implementation provides better inventory management with accurate demand planning, effective coordination of distribution channels and streamlined production scheduling. It enables manufacturers to improve their on-time delivery of products which is a critical performance metric for manufacturers. With Odoo manufacturing module implementation, they can easily track their inventory.

  1. Manage Bill of Materials: Manufacturers can keep track of the products/items available in stock and production time
  2. Organize Work Orders: Manufacturers have access to all resources and hence can plan production activities in advance.
  3. Plan Manufacturing: Manufacturers get a clear view of planning processes and can also reschedule manufacturing.

Use Case: Odoo implementation in Manufacturing for Pakeeza Dairies(UK)

Install the Manufacturing Module

Click on Odoo apps on Odoo ERP and install the manufacturing module. Now, there are two ways to produce a product with Odoo manufacturing module. Firstly, businesses can create a manufacturing order with simple default stages and complete the production process. Secondly, businesses can customize their work order by setting up routing mechanisms and work center.

Create a Manufacturing Order

Manufacturing > Operations > Manufacturing Orders > Create

Fill all the necessary details on the screen that pops up:

  1. Create a new product or choose a product from your existing list
  2. Choose bill of materials
  3. The number of finished products will be displayed in the finished product tab
  4. The material consumed for the production will be displayed in the consumed material tab
  5. Click on “Check availability” to check the availability of raw materials in inventory.

Manage Production

Once a manufacturing order is created and confirmed, the process of production starts. Odoo lists down the manufacturing orders under:

Manufacturing > Operations > Manufacturing Orders

From here the manufacturers can view the status of all ongoing manufacturing orders.

  1. Select one manufacturing order
  2. Once you start production the status bar will change.
  3. Confirmed > In Progress > Done
  4. Click on the done option to complete the production process.

Note: If you want to update or delete any manufacturing order, then click on Manufacturing > Operations > Manufacturing Orders


Each product has its own routes. The manufacturing process is not a single-step process, it may contain work centers and each work center has its own lead-time. The route of each manufacturing product depends on the manufacturing process. Businesses can either create one routing or multiple routing for different products.

  1. Manufacturing > Master Data > Routings > Create
  2. Fill in a name for the route
  3. Click on <Add an item> to add the work centers included in the route
  4. Click on <Save> and <Active>

Note: You can update or delete a routing process from Manufacturing > Master Data > Routings

Bill of Materials (BOM)

BOM is the building block of the manufacturing process. It is a list of raw materials or ingredients and its respective quantities required to manufacture the final goods. BOM describes the component products, the quantity of each product and processes required to manufacture the product. While creating a manufacturing order for a particular product, users need to select corresponding BOM from the list.

  1. Manufacturing > Master Data > Bill of Materials > Create
  2. Select a product from the drop-down menu
  3. Go to Settings > Manufacturing Order > Product Variant to enable the product variant option.
  4. Reference field distinguishes between different BOM for the same product
  5. Click on <Add an Item> to add raw materials for your product

Work Center

A work center is a physical place where different manufacturing processes are carried out. The work center details can be created with performance indices. The data can be used to analyze efficiency and other details of each work center.

Manufacturing > Master Data > Work Centers > Create

Fill in the necessary details in each field

Work Orders

Once the manufacturing order with a specific route is created and confirmed, the processes in the route are listed as work orders. To complete production, it is necessary to complete all the associated processes listed in a work order.

The work order related to a manufacturing order can be accessed directly from Manufacturing > Operations > Orders


With the Odoo manufacturing module implementation, you can create a scrap process at any stage of the production line. The scrap button is visible at all stages of the production line. Click on this button to create instant scrap entry in inventory.

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