Odoo ERP Customization to Streamline Business Operations

Types of Odoo ERP Customizations

Changes in User Interface (UI): Businesses can adapt the design of screens and dialogues to personalize the UI of Odoo based on the preferences of the users.

Functionality Extensions: Even in a comprehensive solution like Odoo ERP, businesses may require some functionality extensions to meet their specific demands.

Reports, Documents, and Forms: Businesses can modify order confirmations, delivery notes, and invoices that are generated by Odoo ERP. The changes can be made in terms of basic layout and the incorporation of complex logic in reporting.

Reasons for Odoo ERP Customization

Identity Adaption:

Process Extension:

Simplified Interface:

Additional Features:

Increases Application Lifespan:

Benefits of Odoo ERP Customization Service for Businesses

Concluding Thoughts



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