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Observe field is the most significant feature of the brightscript language;

We may use observe field in a variety of places, including:

1) We can utilize the observe field in any interface field to run a callback function when data is received.

2) When we click any button, the callback function is invoked.

3) The observe field can be used in any XML element group, button, or other component.

In Roku development, the observeField function is used to track changes in the value of a field in a component’s associative array. This is especially useful when you want to update the UI or take certain actions based on changes to specific data.


  • Check that the field you’re looking at is part of the component’s associative array (m in the example). If it isn’t, the observation will fail.
  • Be aware of memory utilization, especially when observing several fields or in components that get frequent updates. Unregister observations when they are no longer required to prevent memory leaks.

Observe Field takes two argument fields: the first is the name or attributes of any xml element or interface element, and the second is a callback function; if anything changes in the first portion, the callback function will fire automatically.

ex;-m.data = 25

button.observeField(“buttonSelected” , “callback” )

function callback()


end function

This is the example when we click on button then m.data increate by one.

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