Improving the Efficiency of Supply Chain Management Software with BI Tools

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Supply Chain Management Software

The success of a supply chain management software depends on its ability to capture data in real-time. Integrating Business Intelligence (BI) tools with supply chain management software will enable business managers to make more accurate and informed decisions. BI tools will improve the supply chain process by providing visibility and valuable insights into key areas. Let’s explore the benefits and different BI tools to enhance the efficiency of supply chains.

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Benefits of Using BI Tools in Supply Chain Management Software

Demand Forecasting

It is a critical requirement for supply chains as it determines how much production is required for the business to reach the profit numbers. BI solutions can enable businesses to better forecast demand requirements. It combines both historical and pipeline sales numbers with market sentiment to estimate the amount of time and resources required for production.

Business intelligence analytics enables supply chain managers to create a forecast to predict future demands. Based on past trends, they can anticipate customers’ demand. BI tools gather the information that enables businesses to make critical decisions regarding production planning, supplier relationships, and labor management.

Accurate Decision Making

BI tools enable business associates to identify all the business aspects including production data, customer data, financial data, and current data. With this information business managers can analyze and synthesize reports of investments. It enables them to make more accurate decisions. In addition, BI software enables businesses to take rapid and informed decisions.

BI for Distribution

Ensuring that the product reaches the customer in the given time is essential for the success of a business. Enterprises can use BI tools to track the distribution to prove that fleets are following service-level agreement regarding deliveries. BI tools enable business managers to address issues like bad weather, traffic, and other incidents.

BI Tools in Supply Chain Management Software

Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite

Jaspersoft is an open-source business intelligence tool that enables better decision-making through highly interactive dashboards, web-based reports, and analysis.

Jaspersoft Dashboard Software: It combines data and graphical indicators to deliver summaries of information so that managers can view the state of their business and make informed decisions.

Jaspersoft Reporting Software: It gathers information from multiple data sources and presents it in an easy-to-read format so that business users can stay informed and make better decisions.

Jaspersoft Data Analysis: It is used to model, manipulate and visualize data using in-memory analysis in order to spot trends, identify issues and make better decisions.

Pentaho Business Intelligence Suite

Pentaho is an open-source BI tool that provides a full spectrum of BI capabilities including interactive analysis, data integration, dashboards, query, and reporting.

Pentaho Reporting: It enables organizations to access, format and distribute information to employees, customers, and partners. It employs flexible deployment, web-based ad hoc query, broad data source support and reporting for business users.

Pentaho Dashboards: It gives business users critical information through an attractive and intuitive visual interface. Users can create personalized dashboards with zero training through interactive displays and self-service dashboards.

Pentaho Analyzer: It provides intuitive and interactive analytical reporting features permitting non-technical business users to understand business information quickly. It is packed with features like web-based drag and drop report creation, customized totals, advanced sorting and filtering, user-defined calculations and chart visualizations.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)

It is an open-source Eclipse-based reporting system that integrates Java applications to produce compelling reports. BIRT reports can be embedded in rich client and web applications. It has two main components, a visual report designer and a runtime component. BIRT platform also includes BIRT Designer Pro, BIRT Analytics, and BIRT iHub F-type.

Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency with Oodles

We are an ERP development company that provides customized supply chain managment solutions to meet customers’ ever-changing logistics requirements. From the point of manufacturing to last-mile delivery, our developers follow a streamlined approach to accelerate the supply chain management process.

Oodles, we provide custom-made supply chain management software to minimize vehicle downtime, increase process transparency and save resources. Our developers have substantial experience in building comprehensive supply management software tailored to business workflow.

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