Important Steps For Testing a Messaging Application

How does testing a messenger contrast from testing different types of apps? How would a comprehensive registry for QA of a messaging app seem like? What type of testing are particularly important for these applications? Read further to find out.

Installation Testing of a Messenger App

• Check if the messaging application can be installed & uninstalled without any issues.

• Corroborate the enrollment and authentication processes.

• Check if proper error dispatches are displayed when someone is trying to register or login with invalid information.

• Corroborate that registering or logging in with incorrect information is insolvable.

• If the app requires entering a phone number during enrollment, check if only valid phone figures are accepted.

• If a verification law is transferred during installation, check how numerous times a stoner can enter an incorrect verification law before being blocked.

Usability Testing of a Messenger App

• Check if the application is intuitive & easy to use.

• Estimate how smooth the navigation of the app is.

• The app’s interface should follow the standard colors, icons, and icon locales for well- established features in a runner to avoid confusion.

• The colors of letters and background, letters ’ size, and fountain should allow druggies to fluently read dispatches.

• The app should be accessible for people with different vision, motor, and specialized capacities.

Functional Testing of a Messenger App

• Check if the stoner can shoot and admit dispatches.

• Corroborate that the communication delivery time and any other anticipated information about the communication are displaying rightly for the stoner.

• Check if the app duly identifies the communication status when the communication is delivered, read, and/ or not delivered.

• The stoner should be suitable to see the “ typing ” status when the communication philanthropist is codifying a reply.

• Check if the app allows to shoot filmland, videotape and audio lines, and documents without any issues. Different types of train formats should be supported.

• Corroborate that the links, emoticons, and GIFs are displaying and working rightly in the runner.

• Check if the stoner can copy and bury dispatches and their corridor.

• Corroborate that the stoner can edit and cancel dispatches.

• Check if the converse history is displaying rightly for the stoner.

• The stoner should be suitable to upload a profile picture and edit the profile information.

• Corroborate that the stoner can change the status in the app to Available, Down, Don’t disturb, etc.

• Check if the voice and videotape calls are working rightly in the runner.

• If this functionality is present, check if the stoner can shoot audio dispatches without any issues.

• Test the possibility of creating group exchanges in the runner and their proper work.

• When a stoner joins or leaves a group converse, a proper announcement about it should display for all the group converse actors.

• Corroborate that the stoner can block connections in the runner and that the blocked connections can no longer interact with the stoner.

• Check if it’s possible to mute exchanges in the app.

• If this functionality is present, check if all the phone connections attend with the runner with no issues.

• Corroborate that the app’s drive announcements are working rightly.

• Check if the stoner can change settings of announcements( turning the announcements sound on and off, choosing what type of announcements to display,etc.).

• Corroborate that the app responds rightly in case of an incoming phone call or other interruptions.

Performance Testing of a Messenger App

• Check if the messaging app works rightly with different types of network connection( 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi), during switches between them, and when runner druggies with different types of network connection communicate with each other.

• Assess how fast dispatches are delivered ― it should be instant.

• Corroborate that the images and videotape lines which druggies shoot in the app cargo nicely presto and with no quality issues.

• Check the quality of voice and videotape calls, including really long bones( 2 hours).

• Perform cargo testing to assess how numerous druggies can use the runner app at formerly. Similar automated testing tools as JMeter can be a good choice for this type of testing.

• Check how numerous druggies can be active in a group converse at formerly so that it can still work with no issues.

Comity Testing of a Messenger App

• Corroborate that the app works duly on different types, models, and performances of bias.

• Check if the runner works rightly with different operating systems.

• If there’s a web interpretation of the app, corroborate its proper work in different cybersurfers and their performances.

Security Testing of a Messenger App

• Check if the content of the communication is secured against interception when it’s stored on the stoner’s device, is being transferred to the philanthropist’s device, and is stored on the philanthropist’s device.

• If security is the top precedence of the messaging app, there would also generally be an option of automatic communication destruction in some time. Check if it functions rightly.

• In couriers prioritizing security, the options of copying and forwarding dispatches aredisabled.However, corroborate that this functionality isn’t available for the druggies, If this is the case with the app you’re testing.

And of course, whenever any bugs in the messaging app are fixed, thorough retrogression testing is necessary.


As any particular type of an app, a messaging app has its own specifics, conditions, and challenges when testing. We hope that our composition helped you to clarify them and made planning and executing QA of a runner easier. We wish you numerous successful testing systems, including those with messaging apps. And if you have any questions or need any backing, do n’t vacillate to communicate us anytime.

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