The chatbot technology enables businesses to improve their customer services and user experiences across the web and mobile platforms. After dominating the B2C landscape, chatbot application development services have become popular amongst B2B organizations as well. Above all, chatbots are becoming smarter, responsive, and more intelligent to address customer queries with sheer efficacy.

As of today, several chatbot development tools are available in the market to address the dynamically changing customer needs of B2B enterprises. However, it leaves many businesses lost when it comes to selecting the right conversational tool for their customers. A Forrester survey claims that several market leaders failed to achieve the desired level of personalized customer support even after chatbot implementation. According to the survey, only 21 percent of the respondents were satisfied with the results they received post implementing chatbot solutions.

Therefore, it is critical to choose the right tech stack and effective tools for chatbot application development to extract the real benefits. Let us explore the most crucial parameters that you must take into account while opting for chatbot application development services.

The Importance of Chatbots For B2B Enterprises

For businesses, chatbots should be readily available and accessible across a variety of channels to ensure round-the-clock availability for their customers. When it comes to chatbot application development, enterprises have several options. Nevertheless, a bot that performs a single task is not a feasible option for enterprises that need an automated workflow.

There are several frameworks available to developers for building custom chatbot applications tailored to varying business needs. These frameworks, however, are essentially a collection of tools and services. The frameworks can be used to assemble and deploy a single-task bot as they apply to a fixed set of use cases. Eventually, it lacks end-to-end development and ongoing management capabilities. All things considered, frameworks are useful only in small use cases. However, an enterprise where the overall requirements and scope are more demanding is where we need chatbots the most.

Below are the key parameters that enterprises must take into account when it comes to selecting a chatbot application development platform.

Chatbot Interaction

For an effective chatbot development process, enterprises must identify the requirement to improve their customer service efforts. The next step is to examine how it will interact with users i.e voice-based interactions or chat. It also includes the selection of a conversational interface that will be used to communicate with all users. Business leaders must also figure out if their bot should be used to deal with the customers or handle internal operations. It is because both entail separate framing and can add value to the business.

Task Execution

Task execution is the most crucial function for enterprises as it enables them to track and streamline multiple functions at once. Preferably, businesses should be able to deploy a chatbot that works perfectly on a single task. It also includes creating and deploying a multi-purpose chatbot that communicates with multiple systems and performs a variety of tasks. Businesses must choose a chatbot development platform that offers ready-to-deploy and pre-built bots to address certain use cases (e.g., customer support, lead generation, etc.). It must also include the ability to customize them as per varying business requirements for handling multiple workflows and processes.

Speech Support

It is critical to identify whether or not the chatbot incorporates speech support and natural language processing (NLP). A chatbot can provide valuable data with every interaction it has with the customer. The data is normally based on the types of questions being asked and the sentiments behind those questions.

Chatbots must be able to analyze the hidden sentiments behind a question before providing the appropriate response. It is important to establish productive conversations that save both time and human effort. They should be able to recollect information, understand, and continuously learn from the given data. It would allow chatbots to improve and evolve depending on the customers’ needs. By using machine learning at this stage, chatbots can be further developed to better respond in a more natural way. Conversational artificial intelligence-aided chatbots can deliver a better, more ‘human’ like customer experience.

Chatbot Strategy

Businesses must ensure that their chatbots have full support from internal systems and are effectively aligned with the processes. They should select the right internal systems like API integration so that their chatbot services are available effortlessly across multiple platforms. Having multiple-task chatbot services will enable businesses to automate the processes and facilitate both internal and external users with other productive work.

Ability To Bridge With The Platform

Enterprises must check if a platform has the ability to share messages between bots, users, and cross-functional systems. It includes sharing messages that are stored between users, bots, and systems. As a result, we get a comprehensive and clear picture of the chatbot development platform and subsequently, the bot.

Final Words

These were some of the most crucial parameters that help you identify the chatbot solutions that are best suited for your business. Besides, enterprises must identify and engage with the right technology and platform providers to get off on the right foot. It is critical to avail chatbot development services from a trusted technology partner having considerable domain knowledge and industry experience. Businesses also need to determine what chatbot development platform or relevant framework will best address their customer service requirements. They must take appropriate steps to assess and identify the features that will provide long-term benefits and deliver clear bottom-line results.

How We Help You Build Chatbot Solutions At Oodles ERP?

We, at Oodles ERP, provide complete enterprise software solutions to address our clients’ industry-specific needs and project requirements. Our development team is skilled at using the latest tech stack and open-source technologies to build AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants. Our chatbot application development services enable enterprises to improve their customer experiences by rendering powerful conversational features for web and mobile applications. To learn more about our chatbot development services, reach out to us at



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