Exploratory Testing In Agile Software Development

Exploratory Testing is a type of software testing where the Test cases are not written in advance but testers verify the system on the fly. They first note down the ideas about what to test before test execution. The focus of exploratory testing is more on testing as a discovering and learning activity.

In this kind of testing, the tester believes in minimum planning and maximum test execution. The approach of this type of testing is tester analyses the software application features first then starts testing. Test designing and execution are executed parallelly without formally recording the test cases or test scripts.

Why Are We Using Exploratory Testing?

  • In Agile methodology when the code undertakes rapid changes, exploratory testing can be highly worthwhile.
  • In exploratory testing learning acquired, preparing test scripts, and doing additional testing in the later stages.
  • In many aspects, we can use this type of testing. Developers use this to perform unit testing after completing the development for the modules and testers use this for learning and getting familiar with the desired software or application.
  • Exploratory testing saves a lot of time to develop the test plan. Also created test plans will be executed in a limited time period.

Advantages of Exploratory Testing

  • As the name stated Exploratory testing is used to test new features available in the software or application.
  • Exploratory testing gives you better coverage while writing test cases.
  • Discover the new bugs that might be missed by the other testing techniques.
  • It helps Testers’ attention to executing more and more test cases which also helps in the project to improve productivity.
  • This testing assists the tester to cover all the requirements.

Disadvantages of Exploratory Testing

  • Not suitable for long-term projects.
  • This kind of testing totally depends on the tester’s knowledge & experience.
  • if the tester has less knowledge of the website or application features so the possibility of defects being missed in the desired application.

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