Brief About User Experience Implementation In ERP Systems

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3 min readJun 25, 2021

A good ERP software is broadly used in organizations to help control daily activities such as accounting, project management, acceptance, risk estimation, and supply chain operations in one well-covered ecosystem.

Although all the benefits, these platforms would not be of any use without a consistent ERP system UX design. In any case of their IT education, every employee should Easily and effortlessly use and understand the systems. Otherwise, the systems will not be approved by the workers, which will reduce its benefits.

An ERP system is only useful when all the employees broadly apply and all the functionalities utilized. So, the complexity of creating an intuitive user experience when implementing an ERP system.

It Should Be Simple and Graphic

Manufacturing a great ERP user experience can be challenging and complex. Although, it is critical to keep the result as easy and user-friendly.

Incorporate Custom Dashboards

Depending on their daily tasks and workflow, every user needs the exact information they collect, monitor, and establish a forecast on. The arrangement dashboards allow them to select the essential information, add role-based metrics, and monitor KPIs to create the best experience.

Should Be User-friendly Tools

Integrate drag-and-drop solutions for the users to enable them to work with the system without having immense knowledge about coding. It will Make that navigation intuitive and easy to understand — it’ll compress the learning configuration and possibly save money on training.

Should Be a Powerful Search

Time is crucial, so make sure that users can swiftly find and access important information. Combine a powerful search functionality to help users find exactly what they want easily and instantly.

Provide Training

To make sure comprehensive role-based training for employees to help them learn the system quicker and more efficiently. Finally, don’t make light of the importance of an ongoing learning process by organizing regular training for new and old employees to teach them about new features and increase their knowledge.

Deal With Mistakes Immediately

When a problem happens due to ERP systems’ complexity, immediately refer to the vendor’s customer service. That is why it is critical to work with well-established companies to ensure a quick and helpful response. Waiting too long might result in a decrease in usability and, consequently, overall productivity.


Despite the initial cost and effort of developing an ERP system, it will pay off in the long run. Building an ERP system is challenging enough, and on top of that, we need to consider the importance of a user experience.

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