Boost Marketing and Sales with POS-CRM Integration

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Boost Marketing and Sales with POS-CRM Integration

The dynamics of the current market require enterprises to keep up with technological advancements to meet consumer expectations. Retail chains have moved on from traditional Point-of-sale (POS) systems that only performed invoicing and payments to mobile, cloud-based POS systems. The modern-day POS systems process and transmit sales data to the central database to be used in marketing and customer relations. While numerous POS systems comprise built-in CRM, integrating CRM into POS systems aids enterprises to build strong customer relationships, save resources, and drive growth and returns.

At Oodles, we analyze your business requirements and develop custom POS systems with the required integrations to enhance business efficiency and productivity. We provide ERP Purchase System Management software and Custom CRM development services to augment your business with custom-tailored software systems. Let’s now observe how POS-CRM Integration benefits enterprises.

CRM and POS Software Explained

As separate entities, while CRM caters exclusively to storing, managing, and deriving insights from customer data, POS uses a combination of hardware and software tools to perform the sales procedures. Together, they’re used to effectively manage sales, inventory, and customer data to build relevant marketing campaigns targeted at current customers’ and potential buyers’ tendencies. Here’s a list of functions that a POS system integrated with CRM capabilities performs

1. Track customers’ purchase history, creating customer profiles

2. Attach transaction data to customer profile

3. Capture name, age, birthday, phone number, email address, and such relevant customer information during a sales transaction

4. Align customers with discounts and loyalty programs

5. Provide necessary insights for creating marketing campaigns

Benefits of CRM-POS Integration

Automate Backend

Along with sales and marketing tasks at hand, CRM-integrated POS systems automate the backend. They automate CRM-related administrative tasks as well as tasks like reporting, exporting data, creating client records, and populating email marketing lists. All this data is centrally stored and managed.

Synchronize Data

Another benefit of a POS system integrated with CRM is communicating consistent, periodically updated, consistent consumer data easily across departments. Transactions and sales data is synchronized to be accessible enterprise-wide through a central platform.

Capture customer data quickly

CRM-integrated POS systems can collect, export, and save the data captured directly from a transaction. Automated transmission of the information your CRM solution requires, like customer names, billing and shipping addresses, email addresses saves business resources by eliminating the labor needed to manually input data. Besides, it automates customer segmentation into target groups to enhance an enterprise’s marketing approach.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

With their ability to track, organize, and analyze customer data, CRM-enabled PoS systems determine the employment of best-suited marketing tactics as well as fulfillment of customer expectations. This in turn results in customer loyalty and retention.

Boost ROI

By analyzing purchase trends among target groups, a CRM-integrated POS system enables businesses to customize offers on various products and services. Consequently, stock levels can be maintained accordingly, and budgeting can be aimed for greater returns.

CRM-POS Integration with Oodles

We are an ERP development company with a goal of transforming enterprises with our futuristic development solutions. Our developers hold expertise in custom-designing ERP solutions to best suit enterprise needs. Aligned with your business goals, we provide POS and CRM software solutions with all-round access to organized and insightful customer data. We provide end to end integration services like Salesforce, Magento, Hubspot, and Zoho. Our developers use an AI enabling technological stack to provide quality development services. Connect with us to boost your sales returns with CRM-POS integration



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