A Quick Comparison Between Java and Python

In the development world, Python sets a trend for the great use of experimental scenarios and easy to test all the logics behind the development of application’s, where java is used for production code which is more useful for the execution or implementing workflow of applications. For Python, libraries or methods quickly start to develop the application with fewer lines of code and easy to follow up the workflow of an application where Java code is production based which is less experimental than python code.

Overview of Java vs Python

Java is a compiled language and thus, it’s faster at runtime. Because of statically typed language, Java is better for web applications development and interaction with APIs. Whereas, Python is an interpreted language that is easier to use and easier to read because of fewer line code.


Java is an object-oriented programming language that is used extensively as a server-side language. It has a large community and fairly old market to maintain the applications. That’s why this language is more popular amongst senior application developers because of easy debugging of applications.

Uses of Java

Java is used for web applications development and greatly performed in the Android based market because of a large collection of libraries which is widely helpful for developing the application in less time and achieved the time frame goal.

The extensive use of java language in enterprises applications, because of having server side language features. We can develop applications or Erp’s according to client requirements easily.


Python is an interpreted language and also based on object oriented concepts. It is also a dynamically-typed language that is different from Java. The syntax of the Python language is very easy. That’s why the developer understands the workflow of the application. Python is excellent for implementing the logic in less time intervals which is helpful for junior developers to learn and implement its algorithms and data structure.

Uses of Python

At present time python is the most popular language for artificial intelligence and machine learning application. It also used for fast web application and easily with the help of widely inbuilt libraries and frameworks.

Python also provides an important role in data analysis which is in the field of data science role. It also has large machine learning libraries like TensorFlow and pyTorch which are written in python language. Python has the most popular framework like Django which is used for faster web applications development and libraries like Panda and Numpy which is for data analytic purposes.


Both programming languages are suitable for developers because the concept of programming language is similar. But the difference is only to learn the syntax. Java is an old programming language that has a large market base and maintenance requirement where python is used for extensively innovative ways of programming like data analysis, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

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